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Medicine Kit

Episode 25: Your Bug Out
Bag Essentials

Self Defense Training

Episode 24: Fight Club

Image by Dobrinoiu Denis

Episode 23: Supply, Demand
& Preparation

Image by Michael DeMarco

Sean O'Dowd
What it Means to be a Warrior

Image by Ian Stauffer

Tactical Bias

Image by Camila Quintero Franco

Gary Kraftsow
Age of Anxiety

Image by Henry Hustava

Episode 22: Anatomy of a Warrior

Game Strategy Plan

Episode 21: Tactical Bias

Drinking Outside

Episode 20: Real Solutions
In the Age of Anxiety

Image by Alicia Christin Gerald

Episode 19: Biases that Influence Our Decisions

Hatha Class

Episode 18: Ancient Principle
of Sanmitsu


Episode 17: Road to Recovery
Black Hawk Down

Image by Colton Sturgeon

Episode 16: The Gift of Meditation


Episode 15: Roadway Travel
Kit Fundamentals


Episode 14: Back to Basics
Self-Reliance & Stability

Image by Markus Spiske

Episode 13: The Invisible
Internet of Things

Rifle Bullets

Episode 12: Gunfighter Theory 101

Winning Match

Episode 11: Five Ninja Elements
of Winning & You

Image by Leslie Jones

Episode 10: The Original
American Ninja

High Fives

Episode 9: Get Your Team Ready

me and billy.png

Episode 8: Billy Blanks Part II

In the Wilderness

Episode 7: Naked & Afraid

me and billy.png

Episode 6: Billy Blanks Part I

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Episode 5: Black in the Woods

Sunset Concert

Episode 4: Mob Rules

Painted Black Arrow

Episode 3: Black Hawk Down Pt. I

Image by asap rocky

Episode 2: Crazy is the New Sane


Episode 1: Who are you?

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