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In his self-defense guide Modern Hand to Hand Combat, Isler has blended Samurai techniques with the battlefield combat needs of the modern soldier. This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to effectively deal with life and death situations through movements and principles that still hold true. These principle-driven guidelines make for a variety of self-defense applications and are valuable to everyone from law enforcement officers and security personnel to soldiers and military professionals. With almost 300 illustrations and a detailed instructional DVD, the guidelines set out in this book and DVD set can, and will, significantly enhance the warfighter's ability to survive in combat.

If you find yourself in an unexpected extreme situation--while wilderness camping, hiking or adventuring off the beaten path--a fundamental understanding of your surroundings can make the difference between life and death. By harnessing the powers of nature, the ninja built a legendary reputation as survivalists with an ability to thrive in even the most inhospitable situations. By studying their ancient philosophy and techniques, alongside modern science, you can prepare yourself to survive in any outdoor environment.

Ancient man recognized that to truly survive meant that you needed a tribe. A community of individuals willing to work together as a team to overcome obstacles and support each other in order to thrive. This still hasn't changed from the smallest business to the biggest corporations success is found when people come together, perform in roles suited for them and focus on a specific goal. This is the central theme of Team Ready. This book was written as a clear step-by-step action plan that will unify groups of like-minded individuals and prepare them with the best practices of how to overcome disasters, emergencies and other threats to their health and safety.

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